Logo Design

What is a Logo

A Simple Visual Image
Representing your business or organisation.

What you offer, revealed with your Logo
Develops Brand Awareness

A company logo can be branded on most of your visual communications: Flyers, brochures, business cards, letter heads, banners, vehicles, buildings, packaging to name a few items.
Our Graphic design team can create custom, unique logos, with solutions for varying budgets. You may like to have a business card, letterhead, and envelope designed at the same time.

We create logos for people in new business start ups, or for existing busineses that need a logo make over.


Wether you have an idea for a logo, a sketch or picture, something you have been thinking about.
If you would like to get a logo, to get started, call one of our friendly team today, it's easy to do with us!


How to Get The Perfect Logo

What is the Perfect Logo

You may be wanting to have the perfect logo, but firstly you should be asking the question what makes a logo perfect for you.
My best way to advise you through this is to keep it simple. Think of Nike shoes - simple, think of IBM computers - simple, think of Google - simple.
Each one of these and many more impacting companies have left you with a simple image and or text that revealed themselves to you.

When complexity becomes simplicity, we can understand clearly what was intended.
The perfect logo would be very concise, it could even cost less to print.

Try the idea of a logo being one or two colours, this may save money on your print, screen print, embroidery bill.
We also promote reduced prices on a range of CMYK printed products, so you can have your logo in full colour.

A perfect logo is clear to read, even at great distances. Or imagine a truck passing at high speed, everything begins to be a blur, if it had an easy to read logo, you would have read it. Think of Airplanes with the logo on the tail, or underbody, at thousands of feet in the air you can read it.
These logos were designed with intent, they had distance and speed in mind, they wanted clear visibility of their logo with height, speed and weather in mind.
Learn from those who have gone before us, think of the Quantas Flying Kangaroo in the air next time you see it.

A Logo that catches attention, with the image and text being highly visibile, that keeps cost down with the way it is printed, or output.
This is the perfect logo!

When you are located in the Sydney area and need a Logo Designed by a Graphic Designer, we can help. Having one of our designers work with you, we will gather information and develop a logo that relates to your core values. When we understand the importance of building a brand, and we see the satisfaction of our logo customers, it makes us want even more of this work.

You may like to meet your logo designer in person at Spot Print, in which case we are conveniently based in the Sydney Metro Area. If you would like to visit, or discuss this over the phone, their is no time like the present, make the call - we would like to talk with you.

A Company or Organisation Logo, can be used throughout a number of different applications:

Stationery items, such as: Business Cards, letterheads, envelopes, with compliments slips, invoice books, note pads, forms, presentation folders.

Promotional items, such as: Flyers, brochures, posters, post cards, leaflets, pamphlets, catalogues, news ads.

Signage items, such as: Store signs, bill board displays, pull up banners, banners, vehicle signage

In Store items, such as: Swing tags, shelf wobblers, product packaging

Textile items, such as: T-shirts, clothing, hand bags, shopping bags.

Software items, such as: Websites, desktop software, software, mobile apps.

With varying spaces to display a logo, you would need files to suit the output.
We design to suit the output, we support this by presenting files that are print friendly for future use.

Advisably you would consider some of the following:

If your are not sure about some of these questions, contact us with all or part of the information.
Is there a particular font you like?
What colour or colours would you like to apear through your logo.
Do you require a special shape?
Is there any size restrictions?
Do you want your logo to be a one of a kind, hand drawn image, very unique or drawn font?
Do you need a trademark? or would you like assistance in setting up a Trademark?
Where do you want your logo displayed?
Do you have any photos, or images that you would like to apear as part of your logo?

We employ qualified Graphic Designers, that are creative / technical and friendly :-)
Our rates are affordable, our service is good, most of all we would like to be serving you.