Graphic Design

What makes a design ad look good, read well & sell to it's audience.

If everyone is shouting
no one is being heard

Every blank space does not need to be filled.

As we are bombarded with advertising from the moment we wake up and turn on the radio,
tv, log into a social media account, or simply go for a walk and see the latest billboard.
Advertisements are in our face and through our ears on a constant basis.
Your potential customers and your customers, are being a recipients of your competitions advertisements.
We can help you get your message looking so good, you will be taking your competitions customers..

Talk to us today, we can help create a call to action advertising campaign
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Spot Print Pty Ltd caters for a growing number of small to medium sized business that require design
services for print & point of sale, it's our objective to help you present well with all forms of visual communications.




How Our Solution Works

Artwork Design Briefs
We prepare design briefs in most cases together with our customers.

Some of the questions we would ask for supply of, and be documenting would include:
Supply of company logo
Supply of photos
Supply of contact info, email, phone, location, postal, web address
Supply of copy text for use within the document, relating to products, services, specials and promotions
Colour specifications
Font specifications, sizes, position requirements (if applicable)
Design size, pages required,
Binding style,
Design for coatings (foils, spot uv, embossings or further embellishments)
Time line or ETA requirements of design project completion time
Files to supply, or any elements that need to be submitted, would be requested for submission of order.
Pre-Flightchecking - For supplied files
We preview supplied documents, and analyse for quality control purposes.
Documents containing missing fonts, misuse of colour profiles, low resolution images, are examined by the Graphic Designer / Pre-Press Operator.
We also check for correct document sizes, pagination, text, and image safe margins, bleeds.
If the Operator has completed the flight check and has found the artwork to be sound and truly print ready, we would advise this stage is complete and ready for submitting the print order.
When an order is found to be with fault, and requires amendment, we will notify and go through cost to change, if the customer requires us to resolve issues.
Creating Quality Artwork
Our Graphic Artists, carry out stunning quality design work, providing print ready artwork - without a glitch.
We want success in every stage or our production, giving you a better outcome.
Our designers, match printing, folding, binding, coating requirements for all machinery we carry out print and post print productions with.
We design within Adobe CS 6 suite, on Mac platforms. Image sourcing from royalty free stock image suppliers,
can be handled either by yourself, or you can present image specification requirements.

Liasing together with one of our designers is a comfortable process. We engage, examine and communicate our thoughts toward your needs.
Vector Images & Photography
We can support your image and photograph requirements, either by drawing, illustrating, or taking photos.
You can also use us to search and purchase royalty free images from photo stock supplier.
We can create suitable image lightboxes, to support your project before it gets on the way. .

In preferance we use and create vector images wherever posible and generate quality artwork that will look good even at larger sizes.
Having high quality images will draw attention to your featured creative work.

Quality product photography, with close to natural colour reproduction, and fine details being evident will help showcase your products and impress your audience, and sell what is revealed.
Artwork Approvals
Prior to any print order proceeding, we ask for your authorisation to commence printing.
We will not assume responsibility on our end. Your authorisation to print is treated within our team as a critical part of the order, we do not make changes, once authorised.
When you are convinced that the artwork is suitable for printing, it would be advisable that at this stage the authorisation be made.

The authorisation indicates, the document is error free from design, text, colour, image, pagination faults, cost of reprinting after approval is on the signitory.

Our team will take care and dillegence in creating artwork that gets good results.

We wish you every success, and hope to do business with you soon.
Graphic Design Sydney
When you are located in the Sydney area and need Graphic Designer  in person, we can help.

Some people prefer sitting with a designer to have their artwork created.
We suggest that two stages of the order can be done this way:
Brief stage
The Final Adjustments Stage

Benefits of sitting with one of our designers in these stages will help by obtaining instant responses especially during your final changes being made.
It's simple, we hear your response and adjust or modify according to your likings.

This saves time and money for both parties involved.
We only supply quality graphic design work, with affordable pricing and excellent service. Call today to get started