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Truly print for the scenses. Letterpress printed products bring a dramatic introduction, presenting art & illustration with deep impressions. 
If you are wanting print that helps people take more than a moment to read, feel, scense, then this product is guarenteed to bring the result.

We produce Letterpress print orders on vintage equipment - Original Heidelberg presses, proofing presses. Each machine has it's unique sound during operation. Our largest machine is an Original Heidelberg Cylinder SBG, which can handle a sheet of upto 550 x 770mm. When this machine runs, you can feel the impact through the floor. It is my most favourite machine to run and other pressmen that operate this machine feel much the same way. We had purchased the Original Heidelberg machine from Surrey Beatty and Sons, who printed for 50 years, and upon retirement the SBG found its new home with us at Spot Print. It is a fabulous press, which weighs over 6 1/2 tonnes, and a wonder of quality German engineering. Machines like this are passing on through time and peoples lives. Their strength is a tribute to their designers and manufacturer. Heidelberg really manufactured well when they built these old presses. We also have our Original Heidelberg T Platens, also known as the Heidelberg Windmill. Including 3 red ball lockup 1969, 1970 model platens, one red ball T Platen, and a GT Platen.
The work we produce on letterpess equipment is dramatic - the depth of the impressions, the sculpted levels of the embossing effects, the textures of the papers and boards used. It all makes print feel and look special. Running them has a very unique sound, very deep, heart felt, and I'm very happy operating them. If you're ever around when you hear them running, ask one of our team for an introduction - everyone loves it.
The photos on this page are taken with a friend of mine, Kevin, who founded the Black Drum coffee brand. We have somethings in common. He lives and breathes coffee. I enjoy what he makes and love the brand. I live and breathe print. He loves our print. We have just created letterpress business cards and letterpress printed coasters for Black Drum Roasters.

If you need letterpress printed coasters, letterpress business cards, letterpress invitations, letterpress swing tags, or commercial packaging, we would love you to call or visit.

Thank you for visiting my letterpress page.

Lindsay Fuller

More about Letterpress

Papers Suited To Letterpress
Every element - the design, the ink, the impression - should come together in balance.
The ability for the ink to lay well, to work together in harmony with the paper stock and to proudly hold a good impression, requires a good selection.
Some papers really perform with ease, while others require a bit of persuasion to behave well.
Our store holds a wide range of suited stocks on hand for letterpress printing.
We carry the following stocks, well suited for Letterpress Printing:
Neehnah Paper - Crane's Lettra 100% cotton range 595gsm
GMUND 100% cotton 450GSM
WILD - 35% cotton range 150, 300, 450, 850gsm
Buffalo Board - 332gsm
Beer Matt Coaster Board - 390gsm
We carry a large range of the following specialties, suited well for offset printing, letterpress foil stamping, or embossing:
Neehnah Paper - Columns, Epic Black, Blue, Epic Black Safari, White - various gsm ranges
Neehnah Classic - Various gsm ranges
Fedrigoni Paper, various colours, textures, shades in various gsm ranges.

And more being added.



Letterpress Business Cards
Letterpress Business Cards create interest and develop curiosity with the people you are handing them to. The tactile feel, the shadowing highlights surrounding the impression makes it irresistable to feel. They are great conversation starters.
We offer letterpress printed business cards with stock options such as Crane's Lettra 595gsm Flouro White 100% Cotton, 450gsm WILD 30% cotton, Buffalo Board, 390gsm Beermatt Board.

Letterpress Business Card Design
Our graphic designers can create a unique card design that will print well on the press, ensuring that your cards look their best.

Corporate Letterpress Business Cards
Do you require cards for executive staff members and are wanting letterpress printing or PANTONE offset printed business cards. We are geared for producing for companies, large or small, that want their branding revealed with PANTONE colours and specialty options to match Corporate Identity standards.

What to do now
Step 1 - Call or visit our store, bring yourself, and any information you need to have applied to your letterpress business cards.
One of the first steps is a consultation. We will help you discover what is the most viable option, and help match it to your budget.
You will understand the costs, the options, and be on the way to making progress with us.
Step 2 - Artwork supplied by a qualified artist will avoid major problems. We have specifically trained artists ready to handle letterpress design standards.
Using our design studio will help prepare you for the best outcome. Our pricing is fair, and we are very friendly.
Most cases you will experience the aroma of Black Drum coffee, and will be asked if you would like a coffee or tea while present with us. We are not a coffee lounge, however we have our addictions and this is one we definitely like.
Step 3 - Artwork creation, proof - Before we begin printing your order, a print approval is required. Design amendments can be carried out, but ulitimately it must reach final approval to support your deadline. Time urgency will be in your hands at this stage. We do ask you not to rush and that all attention to detail be made, giving you the responsibility to check content before signing the artwork approval.
Step 4 - Pre-press, Press work, Finishing - Depending on what options you have selected, this stage of the order generally takes between 3 to 7 days.
The option for express turn around for letterpress business cards is available to you. Depending on your urgency and budget, you can request express when discussing it with us during Step 1.
This will accelerate the time to as little as Same Day Letterpress Business Cards in some cases. We are capable of this kind of output, and carry large inventory of all items required for a successful manner of production.
Step 5 - Collection or dispatch of your order - During Step 1, you would have elected to collect in person or have it delivered by courier. We work with a number of courier companies, and if Same Day Letterpress Printing is chosen, we have the abilty to have your order delivered to you, even after hours. Depending on your location, delivery time urgency would vary this price. Whatever your choice, getting your cards within the time frame expected is our priority.
Drink Coasters

Letterpress printing for drink coasters form a great vehicle for keepsakes, combining brand awareness in a unique, tactile way.
It's a great item to have handed out to regular customers, and have them think about your brand while having a cuppa, beer or other beverage while they are unwinding. Coasters can provide a subtle approach to developing Brand Awareness.

Stock options for either 390gsm Beermat Board, 850gsm WILD 35% cotton board


Multiple Processes
Combinations such as:
Lithographic offset printing, letterpress printing
Letterpress printing duplexed materials, this could be paper to board, board to board duplexing, or triplexing
Digital printing with variable data, Letterpress printing with duplexed or triplexed sheet combinations
Foil printing with letterpress printing, duplexing or triplexing of paper to board stocks.
Our team take great pride in offering our solutions to you, if you have interest in a combined process printed product, contact us today.



Hot Foil Stamping

The addition of foil stamping to your print project or just on its own, can add the bling factor whether it's a mirror silver, or gold on white or colour.

You can even choose to add white foil to deep black stocks, that can present better than trying to print onto it. The benefit is the opacity level of foil versus ink being present.

Foiling can be added to offset printing, as register to offset print, and can be either embossed afterwards, or with the correct engraved block, it can be carried out with an additional male counter die, producing a foil embossing. Engraved foil blocks are higher in cost, but will produce better results, finer details, and multi-level effects. Call us to discuss your foiling options.


Embossing can be carried out either as emboss to print position, or blind emboss, or debossing.
Embossing is where the embellishment is going up.
Debossing is where the embellishment is going down.

Embossing blocks are two part -
Female Die - main die
Male Die - counter die

Embossing blocks can be manufactured in 3 different ways.
Nylo block - Short to medium run length, lower in cost.
Magnesium block - Short to medium run length, moderate in cost.
Brass Engraved block - Short to high run length, high in cost.
Multi level effects can be achieved via an engraved method of block manufacturing. This also requires a non standard design approach using C.A.D program setting different depths for the effects.

A Personal Note on Print

With the changes in technology and the rapid decline of print shops in this country and globally, we are seeing masses of machinery being shipped overseas to countries like India & Chile, tradespeople migrating to other jobs, paper companies, ink & consumables companies, engineers, just to name a few, are all part of this mechanism of support that we rely upon to keep our businesses working and profitable. All being said, the industry has seen this in many ways as trying to improve itself in each area. The change from letterpress to offset almost saw the death of a wonderfull craft. Letterpress was also a form of commercial printing. This craft, like equipment, was only made posible due to a mass of commercialism. We now seem to look at it like a beutiful non commercial activity that is loved for its tactile feel and deep impressions. Don't get me wrong I love it as well. This is just a reality view, and my angle on it.

In part, we are seeing the end of an era for offset, partially due to digital equipment, which we also run, and act in high levels of innovation with it. I like the fact it supports people with low budgets, and is price effective in short runs. Again, back to being viable. The stuff that costs more, the masses buying less, and short runs make digital win, offset loses and letterpress is only for the truly passionate. Let each one be the judge, and I guess what you are passionate about, you will spend your money on.

With changes happening between all these methods, you may say, what next?... Iphones, Android this and Tablet that, inclusions of social media activity, we all seem to know what's going on instantly. I guess each printer that remains in business will be one that chooses to continue, and in my case, a lot of what I personally want to offer is skill-based. You can't press a button and get it, and you will not find us in many places. In these ensuing years that we as a business walk into, I personally choose to offer these highly crafted skills to you.

If you are wanting something non standard, multiple processed and unique, and would rather connect with the person that is completing what you are wanting produced. I'm a person who does not pass blame, I'm responsible for my work, and if you would like to order from someone passionate in their field, I would love to print your order.

I used to joke about being one of the last printers left, and refer to the story about Forrest Gump and the shrimping boat business. The part of the story Forrest went through was a storm before anything great happened. I definitely think this industry is seeing a storm. The only thing is, we really need industry support to continue, otherwise rates for all our production elements will go up, because of many factors. So I'm a lot like Forrest - he was a simple guy and stuck to his word, stood by his mates and had a good work ethic, and in the end, did ok.

Anyhow, I have a job to print, so I'm gone for now..